Thursday, 26 July 2012

Moving to France in Five Weeks!!

I have been desperate to put something on my blog but I was scared that I would be tempting fate so to speak.

I am moving back to France and I am secretly over the moon...
I have lived in France before the first time was a sabaticle back in 2005 which was amazing,packed with highs and lows.One of the lows being I broke my ankle in three places in the october 2004 and was in plaster until the Dec 21st and pinned in my leg and ankle.
But I was determined that it wouldn't change anything as far as my year in France was concerned.

So on the 15 January we packed our car with just enough clothes our cat and two dogs to catch the ferry and drive down through France  to our "new home" for twelve months.
We ended up going back to France again in 2008 but it wasn't to be and we returned to my beautiful Cornwall.

Now it's happening again, after three years and more research we are moving lock stock and barrel.
We don't know how long this chapter will last ( hopefully longer than a year) .
I am nervous ,excited, aprehensive but in my heart of hearts it's the right thing to do .
So my humble little blog that I started this year will continue, but it will not be from my beautiful Cornwall it will be from Ma belle France.

As I said, haven't given up my blog, just am having to put it on the back burner so to speak until I can start blogging again, phew! Can't wait.