Thursday, 2 February 2012

Roast crispy pork belly with egg fried rice

Saturday mornings I love Saturdays Kitchen on BBC1 at 10a.m.
And I was particularly excited this sat as one of my all time favourite chef's Ken Hom was on!!

His recipe was Roast crispy pork belly with egg fried rice, which I cooked last night.
It was so easy but the results were fantastic! great flavours from the egg fried rice and the belly pork gorgeous.
I am not a fan of pork fat unless it's the crackling from a Sunday roast, but this was so tasty.
I think because you need to let the pork dry out for several hours once you have rubbed the warm spices into the skin, it gives an incredible flavour to the end result.

The piece of free range pork I used in the picture was just enough for two people.
It was about  2lbs in weight as you will get some shrinkage.
This recipe can be found on the BBC's food website, and I can highly recommend this simple but delicious meal.


  1. Wow what great pics!!!! Will try to make the pork recipe, will let you know how it turns out.

  2. Hey boolah,
    wow similar names!!

    Love to know how it goes, it's such a simple recipe but it will defiantly impress your friends.

  3. Yes it must be a cornigh thing with our names lol. I will do the recipe first to see how it turns out, then if all is well i will invite friends over to ssample lol. wish me luck