Thursday, 17 May 2012

Allotment Update

 A few pictures of our allotment . Ed is weeding around raised beds, onions are coming on a treat.
We have put up the bamboo canes for runner beans. This weekend I will plant french beans next to the runner beans.
 In this picture our first early potatoes, the weeds have gone mad on the paths so next few days I will be digging them up!
 Picture below are  broad beans that we planted out from seed back in February, again lots of weeding to do.
We have had weeks of rain here in Cornwall, so although the veg is growing nicely unfortunately so are the weeds.


  1. Hello there. I love the look of your allotment! I wish I had the space.

  2. Thank you!
    We are lucky I am about to go there now.We have had terrible gales and I am slightly nervous at what I might find.
    Oh well I know one thing, there will be a lot of weeds!!
    Have a good day,and thanks for posting.

    1. My veggies aren't doing terribly well this year - too much rain perhaps? I also started a bit late with the french beans and cucumbers so everything's looking a bit sickly at the moment.

    2. Don't worry your veg will catch up!
      French beans will be okay,don't grow cucumbers(I love them) but my OH does'nt,
      As long as they have good soil drainage and natural fertilisers to keep them healthy.
      More rain next week forecasted for cornwall, but I'm off to France with the dogs for a week,yippee!!

    3. I love home-grown cucumbers. I've put a couple into pots and stuck the pots into my cheap plastic greenhouse :-) Hopefully some of it grows! Enjoy France! Hope you get good weather!

    4. Thank you. It will be lovely, I love the ever changing scenery as we drive down through France.Reminds me a bit of Cornwall .