Thursday, 19 April 2012

Chilli Peppers Update!

I said back in January when I started this blog,that I would start my chillies early and I sowed some seeds in an electric propagator last week of January.
Here's how they are doing so far.

In the black pots are Banana Chilli (sweet pepper)
I have not grown these before.
Apparently they are often used for pickling and are delicious stuffed.
I  really like the look of the pepper and they are sweet, the longer they ripen the sweeter they become.
I will move them to a grow bag and sheltered sunny spot in a weeks time.

The chillies in the red pots are a Hot Pepper (cheyenne).
I have grown these before with success, these chillies are great for frying and salsas,amongst lots of other things.
Although quite hot, I find you still get that lovely sweetness, and for milder dishes I pick them green.
Again I will move these into a grow bag in a weeks time.
I am starting to harden them off outside during the day.

I had to put these pictures on of my Piris  shrub, I have never seen it look so beautiful, full of flowers and the bees are loving it.
As you has seen with my other pictures not the greatest of photographers, and I can't blame the camera!
But I hope you can understand  the pleasure I get when I walk out into my garden and see this fabulous shrub covered in these stunning bell shaped flowers with bees bums sticking out from within!!

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