Friday, 21 September 2012

Three weeks today!

Well, we have been here in St Aubin three weeks today, and it has taken me this time to readjust.
We had our first day of rain yesterday and today its wall to wall sunshine like it has been everyday since we arrived.
It is absolutely beautiful here and I am slowly falling back under its spell, France is such a fascinating country.
I know I  am supposed to be writing about my passion for food, and I will get back into blogging about it, but I just wanted to write a small piece today and to add some pictures.
My oldest dog Belle who has lived in France with us before is right back in the groove! Sidney who has only been past the Tamar Bridge into Devon twice, is one seriously chilled out dog(long may it continue).
We know we have a lot of paper work and red tape but at the moment we are savouring the peace and tranquillity that the Lot is offering us.

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