Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting ready for planting!

Well I know in some places of England it's quite cold but here in Cornwall it's still fairly mild, so we have been able to turn some of the soil on the allotment ready to plant the garlic I'm planting Tuscany Wight.
We planted these for the first time last year and I'm still cooking with them, great flavour and large size bulb, ours stored very well.

Here are a few pictures of our allotment.

As you can see looks rather sad at the moment, but it is the time of year! we would normally have brussels sprouts and cabbages but last year we had a VERY wet summer and humid so what didn't rot got eaten by the cabbage white, slugs and pigeons.
We should have covered with some form of netting but never got around to it, (we were away a lot ) and again the weather wasn't so great.

Having said that, early spring was very dry and we had a great harvest of pak choy spring cabbage, broad beans,early potatoes early carrots and beetroot.
But as the season moved on the rain came and so a lot of salad crops, sweetcorn,  carrots, got eaten or floated off down the allotment to the owners pig! who doesn't complain.
Hopefully we will have a better summer but I must put in the hours also.

I am in the process of ordering onion sets, I have never done onion seeds so can't comment on the difference.. if there is any I'd love to know.

My sister bought me a propagator for Xmas so I will start thinking about getting my chilli seeds and peppers planted , well maybe next month, I'm getting ahead of myself .

In this last picture we have turned over the plot on the right , but need to add some goodness to the soil, don't use chemicals only organic matter or as near as possible.
Thinking of planting potatoes and legumes ,also doing bit of companion planting, I love marigolds and sweet peas so have more research to do as far as what to add to the soil that's compatible to these vegetables and flowers.

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