Monday, 12 March 2012

Pan fried chicken livers

I love chicken livers, especially fried with buttery mash potato, this recipe is so easy to create and very delicious to eat, and it takes very little time to prepare and cook.
I use pancetta, but you could use streaky bacon instead.

Here's my recipe.

ingredients for 2

225g/8oz of chicken livers
6 slices of pancetta
3large potatoes
A nob of butter
150 ml of milk

For the Jus
2 tablespoons of cranberry jelly
1glass 150ml of red wine
150ml of vegetable stock
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat oven 160 C 325 F gas mark3

1. Peel and put potatoes on to boil

2.Fry pancetta in a frying pan you don't need any oil, when panchetta is crispy put on a warm plate and put to one side.

3.In same pan that you cook pancetta fry your chicken livers and season well, on a medium heat for roughly 20 mins
I buy my chicken livers from a well known supermarket already cleaned and chopped ready to go.
My local butcher doesn't sell chicken livers,( I should ask why, perhaps it's obvious, just not to me).

4.Whilst chicken livers are cooking drain potatoes. leave to one side to cool, I like to use a potato ricer for my mash potatoes and then leave to one side until I'm ready to plate the food.

5. Put chicken livers on a warm dish and place in oven.

6.In a saucepan melt cranberry jelly.

7.In frying used for chicken livers add the red wine and deglaze then add the vegetable stock and add all ingredients to the melted cranberry jelly.
Stir and on medium heat allow to reduce and thicken.

8.Whilst making the jus melt your butter in another pan and add the milk and seasoning ready for your riced potatoes.
When liquid is just about to boil turn down heat add your potatoes and whisk to form a nice light whipped texture.

9.On warm serving plate assemble your mash potato, then add your chicken livers, add crispy pancetta, grate some parmesan and drizzle with the cranberry jus and serve.

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