Friday, 9 March 2012


Have finally got our garlic Tuscany Wight, Cristo and Amo planted.
It was in early January  I posted that I would be planting garlic bulbs because the weather was mild here in Cornwall, Ha! Spoke too soon, the frosts came and the rain, so we abandoned planting until last week end.
Have also planted Broad Beans, Onions Stuttgarter Stanfield and Stur BC 20 onions.
We grew these last year,and they were very successful,we harvested them a month earlier than they were due ,because the weather became very wet and I was afraid they would rot in the ground.
They had already reached a good size, I wish I had some pictures to post here.

We have also planted early potatoes, they are, 1st earlie's Foremost, Amaroza, 2nd earlie's Edzell Blue.

In seed trays I have sown Savoy Cabbage, Leeks Bandit, Aubergine Black Beauty, Sweetcorn Luscious F1, and Parsnips White Gem.

With the parsnips I have sown into biodegradable pots so not to disturb the roots and crowns once they have germinated.

The weather forecast for us here in Cornwall this week end is dry, so will be turning over more soil and also getting some organic seaweed fertiliser into the soil.
I will post some pictures at the weekend.

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